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Class Schedule:


Fall classes begin August 25th and end December 9th.

There will be no classes Thanksgiving Week. 







1. Students are expected to attend all classes. Parents must notify Mrs. Rigall of an absence a week in advance, unless there is an emergency.

2. Students must have access to a computer with reliable high-speed internet connection, microphone, working speakers, and wecam in a quiet location.

3. Students must come to class with all homework completed in order to be prepared for group discussion.

4. Students must be able to exhibit self-control and not be distracted with other online activities during class.

What to expect during class:

Classes will be held using  Google hangout. Mrs. Rigall will have the ability to share files with students, write on a virtual whiteboard and engage the class using audio and video. Students will be expected to have working speakers, microphones, and webcam in order to be able to contribute to class discussion.

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